Reinventing Your Space

Affordable luxury at its best, crownlivin™ brings you collections of modular furniture that can be rearranged, reconfigured, and redesigned to reflect your personality with a zest of trend.

By infusing precise craftsmanship, a familiarity of materials, and a deep understanding of space management and aesthetic design, our contemporary and modern classic products are fashioned to transform your living space into a statement-making haven.

With our functional and decorative products that are flexible in design, we don’t just make use of space; we reinvent it.

Why Choose crownlivin®

High Quality Accessories

Still relying on conventional screw?
It might not support the weight of your wall-mount cabinet


Introducing the leading wall mount system from Italy
• Easier to install
• Adjustable
• Better Tidiness
• Holds up to 100kg
• Easy to relocate
• Better Safety
• 3 Years Warranty


Push-to-open system
• More durable
• 3 Years Warranty

crownlivin® 5 Themes

5 Interior Design Themes
• Modern Oriental
• Scandinavian
• Tropical
• Industrial
• Fun Colour